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Inspiration Magazine Vol 1. | Editor Letter

Welcome to the very first issue of The Photo Memoir’s Inspiration Magazine. My name is Don MacDonell, I’m the creator of The Photo Memoirs and the editor of this new online magazine. While The Photo Memoirs serves as my personal photography journal featuring much of my own personal work, it’s a goal of mine to reach aspiring photographers around the world of all different skill levels and help inspire this new generation of artists. With this goal in mind, in addition to The Photography Mentoring Program that I offer, Inspiration Magazine has been born.

For now, this publication will be available primarily online on The Photo Memoirs website. It’s my desire that it will serve as inspiration to you and your work as a photographer. The publication will feature insights into the world of photography, critiques and tips to improve your photographs, and inspiration in the form of featured photographers’ work and interviews.

In addition, we warmly welcome your suggestions and requests for content that may be useful and motivating to fellow creators. You may also wish to submit your images and stories for consideration for a feature or interview. I happily invite you to reach out to me via email at your earliest convenience.

Sincerely, Don MacDonell.

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